BIT Capital introduces third fund: BIT Global Fintech Leaders focuses on financial sector

Berlin/Hongkong, 20. Mai 2021 – BIT Capital launches a new fund that invests concentrated in public fintech companies. The Berlin-based asset manager is one of the most successful in Europe. With digital expertise, data-driven research, and investments in its technology infrastructure, the team around CIO and founder Jan Beckers tracks down global tech winners.

BIT Capital’s first fund, Global Internet Leaders (WKN: A2DTZ3), generated a net return of 512% since its launch in May 2018 until the end of the first quarter of 2021. The BIT Global Leaders (WKN: A2QDRW) fund, launched in November 2020, broke the EUR 100 million assets under management mark in just 15 weeks.

With the BIT Global Fintech Leaders (WKN: A2QJK9) fund, the team invests in the financial sector. The companies in focus transform value creation across the financial industry and attack established financial services providers globally. “We expect up to 60% of financial industry revenue to be generated by fintech companies in 2035. The impact of the COVID-pandemic has finally put the sector on the fast track,” says Jan Beckers. Jan Beckers himself invests a double-digit million amount as seed money of the fund.

The portfolio of BIT Global Fintech Leaders includes approximately 35 companies. The investment strategy targets innovative business models and digital technologies in the financial sector that have proven their viability and add significant value. The companies improve the user experience, tap into new target groups or ensure cost reductions. Many of the business models are also globally scalable, enabling exponential growth.

The BIT Global Fintech Leaders fund is a logical development of BIT Capital’s product portfolio. The team has the necessary experience and expertise. It consists of successful fintech entrepreneurs who have been shaping the European ecosystem for years. Jan Beckers has founded, initiated, and built fintech such as Finleap, Solarisbank, or Clark. Fintech stocks were also previously disproportionately part of BIT Capital’s portfolio and provided extraordinary performance.

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