In the podcast, the BIT Capital CIO and founder tells how he got 400 percent returns for his investors in two and a half years.

Jan Beckers is one of the best-known faces in the German startup scene due to his time as a company builder. Today, he moves billions in assets with his investment company, whose business model and development he explains in detail in the OMR Podcast. If you also want to know what Beckers thinks of hype topics like Tesla and NFT, why he doesn’t believe in the big crash, and which indicators he uses to decide on an investment, then be sure to listen to the new episode of the OMR Podcast.

“For us, it’s about picking the best companies at the right time,” Beckers says. He and his team need to understand how the market values companies and when it is wrong, he adds. His most recent move: diabetic app Livongo. In early 2020, Beckers bought the stock for 28 EUR, making it the largest portfolio share. As a result of the Corona crisis, the value has increased six-fold.