Our Investment Approach

Your opportunity. Our expertise.

We have developed our own bespoke investment approach, which is shaped by our experience as digital entrepreneurs and investors. This approach is based on classic investment approaches and is supplemented by novel analytical methods and alternative data sources. All BIT Capital funds have a multi-year investment horizon. The long-term view and potential of the companies to grow exponentially are crucial in our stock selection.

How we Invest

We strive for sustained exceptional performance. Our own investment approach, which is based on our experience as digital entrepreneurs and investors, is fundamental to this. The most valuable information is not always the most obvious. We believe in innovation and versatility in the way we analyze investment opportunities. And we believe in a long-term view – which to us is the only way to identify the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Long Term Approach

We identify companies that shape industries with significant future potential for our funds. In doing so, we act on global opportunities worldwide. We believe that digitization is only just beginning, and we expect this development to gather massive speed across all industries very soon. Our investors can now start to participate in this enormous global growth potential.

Versatile Analysis

Traditional financial ratios are a crucial component for the analysis of listed companies – but for us they are not the only one. Our analysis combines the viewpoint of financial analysts with that of digital entrepreneurs and draws on a much larger and more diverse range of information.

Innovative Data Sources

Our decisions are based on early insights into the development of companies by using alternative data sources. We analyze these data sources with self-developed algorithms and software tools and automatically generate additional key figures that guide our selection.

Invest Worldwide

We are convinced that global champions can originate anywhere, no matter their location. Therefore, our research is limited to certain sectors, but not to selected countries. Through our own analysis, expert discussions and locations in Europe and Asia, we find the most promising companies globally – even if they have been flying under the radar until now.

Active Portfolio Management

Only through very active portfolio management can we achieve long-term outperformance. Despite our long-term perspective, we only invest in those titles that are currently the most attractive. We act quickly and decisively on opportunities and market developments to achieve the best results for our investors.