BIT Capital Investment Products

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Our goal is to give investors access to a broad range of technology leaders, winners of the digital transformation, as well as the most promising crypto assets. Our equity and crypto funds invest globally in companies and technologies which have the potential to succeed in industries of the future. Each investment product is focused on delivering long-term growth and sustainable fund performance for your capital investment.

BIT Global Internet Leaders

The BIT Global Internet Leaders fund identifies the most promising internet companies worldwide which have the potential to multiply in value within 5-10 years. The fund has received several awards for its performance over the past years.

BIT Global Leaders

Via the BIT Global Leaders fund we invest globally in technology-driven industries of the future and in established companies with particularly convincing digital expertise. It is therefore not limited to individual sectors and allows the portfolio to participate in the changes brought about by digitalization.

BIT Global Fintech Leaders

The BIT Global Fintech Leaders fund focuses on innovative business models and technologies with the potential to transform the financial sector. The focus lies on companies that develop globally scalable products and use them to change the financial sector or improve access to financial products worldwide.

BIT Global Crypto Leaders

BIT Global Crypto Leaders invests in crypto-assets and in listed companies that have successfully passed the startup phase, which have the potential to establish themselves as global leaders with millions of users worldwide. BIT Capital provides investors with access to this dynamic market segment, a first in Germany.