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Investor Updates

Quarterly Investor Update Q3/2021

In the Quarterly Investor Update for the third quarter of 2021, CIO Jan Beckers talks about the new crypto funds, shares his view on China, and explains the future impact of regulations.

Quarterly Investor Update Q2/2021

In the second Quarterly Investor Update 2021, Jan Beckers talks about the quarterly figures, shares his view on the Chinese market and speaks about what he expects for the second half of the year.

BIT Capital Ad Hoc Investor Update

In this BIT Capital Investor Update, the focus is on sector rotation. Jan Beckers explains how the investment team is responding to this recurring market correction.


Jan Beckers reveals his stock formula

Journalists Dietmar Deffner and Holger Zschäpitz interview Europe’s most successful fund manager Jan Beckers, whose BIT Global Internet Leaders has outperformed the index year after year since its launch.

Jan Beckers in speaking with on his career to date

Finance Forward and OMR founder Philipp Westermeyer spoke with Beckers about his extraordinary career.

Jan Beckers on the importance of fintech and bitcoin in 2021

In this podcast Jan Beckers and Philipp Schröder talk about the stock trends of the next 100 days, Bitcoin, the impact of recently rising U.S. government bond yields and the ongoing boom of Reddit.


Which tech stocks offer the best outperformance potential?

Tesla or Tinkoff? Facebook or Futu? Who are the true outperformers? Which megatrends will determine the future? The answers were provided in the online seminar at

For professional investors: BIT Global Internet Leaders at Drescher & Cie

Technology investor and founder of BIT Capital, Jan Beckers (CIO), provides an update on the engine room of one of Europe’s highest-yielding equity funds.

Jan Beckers speaking with FondsDISCOUNT

Serial entrepreneur Jan Beckers on the investment strategy of a digital entrepreneur – introducing BIT Capital.