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Lukas Jaworski


Lukas Jaworski

About BIT Capital

BIT Capital is an asset manager active in public markets and the crypto space. The actively managed equity and crypto funds identify the next technology winners worldwide. The firm excels in outperforming benchmarks through a unique and repeatable process.

The company has been one of the most successful asset managers in Germany in the recent past. In just three years, the total assets under management rose to over 1.7 billion euros. The funds have created over 750 million euros in wealth for their investors in the process. Since launch, the equity funds BIT Global Internet Leaders 30 and BIT Global Internet Leaders SICAV-FIS have been ranking among the highest-yielding funds in Europe.

The founder and CIO of BIT Capital is Jan Beckers, one of the most active European digital entrepreneurs and investors. Jan Beckers has initiated and built over 25 companies – including the unicorns Clark and Solarisbank. He was a seed investor in Delivery Hero and a pre-IPO investor in Facebook. In 2014, he was presented with the award “EY Entrepreneur Of The YearTM“.

The firm’s investment approach is based on fundamental analysis supplemented by the use of alternative data, a proprietary data backend, and proprietary software and algorithms to gain informational and analytical advantages through unique insights beyond financial metrics. The investment process is intended to provide a holistic understanding and support investment decisions through detailed analysis of companies, sectors, and markets.

BIT Capital is a tech company at its core. The team brings together financial experts, digital entrepreneurs, data scientists, and software developers. The firm has offices in Berlin and Hong Kong and employs over 35 people.

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