Sustainability information

The English translation of the sustainability information page is for convenience purposes only. For any legal purposes, including the interpretation, only the German version shall prevail.

Sustainability‐related disclosure requirements
under Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 (“SFDR”)

Under the SFDR, financial market participants and financial advisors are obligated to provide information on specific sustainability topics as defined in the guidelines. This information obligation is fulfilled in the following paragraphs. 

Sustainability risks within the meaning of the SFDR are events or conditions in the environmental, social, or corporate governance fields, the occurrence of which could actually or potentially have a material adverse effect on the value of the investment. Sustainability risks are part of the already known risk types such as market risk, liquidity risk, counterparty risk, and operational risk and can influence the materiality of these risks. 

Taking sustainability risks into account can significantly impact the performance of an investment in the long term. Environmental, social, or governance risks can also have an impact on the market price. Issuers with low sustainability standards may be more vulnerable to event, reputational, regulatory, litigation, and technology risks. These sustainability risks may impact operations, brand or company value, and the company’s continued existence or investment, among other things. The occurrence of these risks may result in a negative valuation of the asset, impacting the funds’ return. 

Information on strategies for dealing with sustainability risks 
Art. 3 SFDR

A stand-alone sustainability strategy is not pursued. Investment decisions at BIT Capital are made based on a fundamental research process. In principle, sustainability risks are taken into account in investment decisions, but they are not decisive for the investment decision. An anchoring of sustainability risks in investment decisions cannot be guaranteed in every case. 

No consideration of adverse sustainability impacts at entity level
Art. 4 SFDR

BIT Capital does not currently consider adverse sustainability impacts of investment decisions at entity level. The relevant data that must be used to determine and weigh adverse sustainability impacts is presently not available in the market to a sufficient extent. No later than December 30, 2022, BIT Capital will provide information on whether and how the most significant adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors are considered. 

Information on the remuneration policy in relation to the integration of sustainability risks. 
Art. 5 SFDR

Compliance with the guidelines is not determinative for evaluating the work performance of BIT Capital’s employees and remains without influence on future salary development. The remuneration of BIT Capital’s employees and partners is not based on potential sustainability risks. 

March 2021